Subscription fees

Towing: 50€

The handling fee is charged in addition to the costs of the towing and is automatically debited. If there is also a loss of use, additional costs will be charged.


Administrative offences: 29,50€

We will charge you a flat rate of 29,50€ gross per case for the processing and the additional expenses incurred.


Fuel service: 2,50€/liter gasoline or diesel or 1,50€/kWh

Should you not be able to refuel or charge your vehicle before returning it, we will charge you 2.50€/liter of gasoline or diesel or 1.50€/kWh for the refueling service. You only have to return your vehicle with the tank or charge level as you received it from us.


Payment fees for return debit notes: 7,50€.

We pass on the costs of our payment service provider in the amount of 7,50€ to you, should a SEPA direct debit fail or a return debit note occur, which is not our fault.

If the vehicle is returned beyond the agreed rental period, we reserve the right to charge the rent pro rata (1/30 of the last month's rent). In case of a late return of more than 5 working days, we will charge the entire rental month. Additional charges may apply (such as the cost for a no-show in the amount of 100€).

Contractual penalty: up to 250€

In case of neglection of our terms and conditions.


Passing login data/unauthorized use: 500€


Prosecution of criminal offences: 1000€

Additional fees may apply via respective service providers / authorities. The height is based on effort and deficiency of the vehicle.


Security deposit: up to 1000€

A security deposit will be kept until cases of misuse or criminal offences are resolved.

Special cleaning: from 100€

Costs are based on expenses incurred for special cleaning. This is determined at the return of the subscription vehicle.


Wrong refueling: individually according to vehicle

Additional costs for damages and towing services may apply.


Loss of vehicle documents: 19,5€ + 3rd party costs


Loss of vehicle key: 200€

Additional costs for repairs (invoices provided by a third party) and deficiency of the vehicle may apply.


Towing by a third party: n/a

Costs are based on the invoice provided by the third party.


Missed inspection: 300€

When the driver is a month overdue for the inspection, and was necessary to be carried out by MILES, we reserve the right to charge a 300€ handling fee.

Should we ever have to terminate a rental contract without notice, we reserve the right to invoice the following items separately:

  • Costs for a pick-up and transport to a TÜV Süd station
  • Costs for the replacement of missing parts (e.g. registration certificate, vehicle keys)
  • Costs from non-fulfillment of the contract amounting to 2 monthly rental fees


You can add up to 4 additional drivers to your subscription, for free. All additional drivers must be confirmed by MILES first before driving. The main driver remains responsible for the driving of the additional drivers.

Unauthorized trips abroad: up to 250€

Trips outside of the EU 27 and Switzerland may incur an additional charge. 


The deductible is the maximum share that you have to bear in the event of damage caused by yourself:

- Per claim car category S (e.g. VW Polo): 900€
- Per claim car category M (e.g. Audi A4 Avant): 900€
- Per claim van category L (e.g. Mercedes Sprinter): 1000€
- Per claim Premium category (e.g. Tesla Model Y): 1000€

💡 On some vehicles, we offer the option to reduce the deductible.

You will have the option to reduce the deductible down to 350€ (category S) and 450€ (category M) respectively, by paying an additional monthly fee. The fee amount will be displayed together with the option on the website.


Accident handling: 100€

Accidents caused by customer.

0.18-0.39 EUR/km, depending on vehicle

At the end of the subscription, once you have returned the car, we will determine the number of kilometers driven. When more kilometers were driven than booked, we will apply a charge for the additional kilometers. You will find the exact additional kilometer rate is found on the product detail page, as well as in your booking confirmation.

We understand that sometimes life circumstances change quickly. If you wish to terminate a fixed term early, we allow early termination at the end of a rental month and upon payment of 2 months base rent.

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