Quick guide on how to return your MILES car subscription

Returning your MILES car subscription is nearly as simple as the delivery, thanks to the network of over 100 TÜV Süd assessment centres across Germany. Here is a quick guide on how to return the car.

At a glance: how does the return work?

  1. We schedule a return appointment
  2. You drive the car to the assessment center
  3. An independent appraiser checks the car for damages
  4. We send you a final report

Step 1: Schedule a return appointment

About 4 weeks before the car needs to be returned, we will contact you about your subscription, to find out if you’d like to extend the contract or return the car. If you decide to return the car - we’ll help you get you sorted.


Step 2: Drive the car to the TÜV Süd assessment centre

The return will take place at one of the 100 TÜV Süd assessment centres across Germany, so that an independent, neutral party can appraise the vehicle. We’ll propose the TÜV Süd centre nearest to your home address, but of course you may also choose a different one. You will then be asked to tell us when you’d like to have the appointment, and we will schedule it on your behalf. 


Step 3: The appointment at the TÜV Süd

Please drive your subscription car to the TÜV Süd appointment on time. An independent assessor will then draw up an appraisal of the vehicle, which should take about 30-45 minutes. Your presence during the inspection is welcomed, but not required. They will work with you to check for damages and signs of use. This report will then determine if any repairs are necessary. Please reset all PINS to the factory settings. You may leave the car at the TÜV Station and wait until our final report. 


Step 4: The final report

Based on the TÜV assessment, we will share the final report with you a few days after. If there were any damages beyond normal use, we will offset each damage with the deductible of your vehicle in our final invoice. Please note: the deductible applies to each reported damage or accident, and per case. If applicable, we might charge for extra kilometres if the car was driven beyond the included amount. 

Independent assessment

Our official partner, TÜV Süd, conducts independent and fair assessment of the car after the subscription. Based on the assessment, a distinction is made between mileage-related wear (permitted) and damages (not permitted). The guide below contains clear and fair guidelines for the acceptable return condition of the vehicle.

How do I prepare my car for the return?

Here is a checklist to prepare your MILES for return:

✓ Car is completely cleaned both inside and out.

✓ All personal belongings, stickers or adhesive foils have been removed

✓ All equipment is present in the car (especially safety vest, first-aid kit and warning triangle)

✓ Original tires are in place

✓ Service booklet is present in the car

✓ All vehicle keys are present

✓ Vehicle registration document is available

✓ All previous damages have been reported

✓ Fuel level is at the same level as when you took delivery of your car

✓ All operating fluids (incl. AdBlue) are refilled


Please note:

⚠️ We do not cover the travel costs for your way home from the return station.

⚠️ The vehicle must have the same fuel level or charge level when it is returned as it did when it was handed over, as well as be completely clean both inside and out.

⚠️ Please always report accident damage directly so we can reduce the cost to the deductible. If damage is not reported, we will be forced to charge you for the full amount of the damage.