How to compensate your subscription car’s carbon footprint with Klim

Together with our partner Klim, we'd like to offer you the opportunity to compensate for the CO2 emissions produced when charging or driving your subscription car.

All cars have a carbon footprint, including your EV. For example, the energy source used for charging the car could be coming from burning coal.

With Klim, you can compensate for the emitted emissions by supporting regenerative agriculture in Germany which stores carbon in the soil.

Klim is an AgriTech startup from Berlin. They scale regenerative agriculture with farmers and organizations to protect the world's most precious resource: soil. Their mission is to enable every farmer and organization in the world to regenerate soil at speed and scale — to the benefit of everyone. Through their commitment to restoring soil health, they cultivate biodiversity, secure our food supply, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

With your monthly subscription, you can contribute to their mission and create a positive impact on Germany's agricultural system.

How does the compensation work?
Klim works directly with farmers all over Germany to support them in implementing regenerative agricultural practices like covering the soil year-round, improving crop rotations, and increasing biodiversity. These measures reduce emissions and store carbon from the atmosphere into the ground.

Klim's digital platform and methodology are specifically designed to facilitate a farmer-friendly transition to Regenerative Agriculture, ensuring maximum transparency and traceability of their carbon credits. The credits undergo a thorough two-step verification process, including third-party verification by TÜV Rheinland in accordance with DIN ISO 14064.2.

When and where can I opt into the carbon compensation program?
You can opt in at any time of your subscription, even after it has started. We will then invoice you on a monthly basis, on the same day as your regular monthly payment. 

To opt in, you simply need to log in to your account and confirm your commitment to pay to compensate the kilometers driven. We’ll then confirm your request to compensate for the carbon footprint via email a few days later.

Will I get a certificate for the compensated kilometers?
Yes, we’ll provide you with a certificate on the climate compensation as soon as we confirm your request.

How much does the compensation cost?
We’ll charge 0,85c per kilometer driven. So, if you drive 1,000 kilometers per month, your compensation will be €8.5/month. This amount ensures that the carbon produced is compensated by the agricultural efforts.

Still questions about the compensation program?
Feel free to write us an email. We’ll be happy to assist you!