Compensate your subscription car’s emissions

Support local climate protection with MILES and Klim

At MILES, our goal is to shape the future of urban mobility and improve your city life. As a MILES subscription customer, you now have the opportunity to easily compensate for your car's emissions by supporting farmers in Germany as they transition to regenerative agriculture, which stores carbon in the soil.

This is how it works:

  • We calculate: we estimate your vehicle's CO2 emissions based on your monthly kilometers driven.
  • You compensate: by activating emission compensation, you contribute 0.85ct per kilometer to offset your emissions with carbon credits.
  • Together we drive change: in collaboration with our carbon credit partner Klim, your contribution directly aids farmers in Germany in storing the equivalent of your emissions in their soil through regenerative agriculture practices.

Your monthly subscription can help advance Klim's mission and positively impact Germany's agricultural landscape.

How does carbon compensation work?
Through our partnership with Klim, each 0.85ct per kilometer you contribute directly supports farmers in Germany adopting regenerative agriculture practices. These practices increase soil carbon storage, effectively counterbalancing the carbon emissions from your vehicle.

What is regenerative agriculture?
Regenerative agriculture involves practices that restore soil health, such as diverse crop rotation, cover cropping, and reduced tillage. These practices not only capture carbon from the atmosphere but also enhance soil fertility, crop resilience, and biodiversity.

When and how can I activate carbon compensation?
You can activate carbon compensation at any time through your MILES account. Simply log into your account, navigate to the carbon compensation section in your account, and confirm your contribution. We'll take care of the rest and send you an email confirmation within a few days.

Will I receive a certificate for my compensated emissions?
Absolutely! We provide a certificate for your compensated emissions, detailing your contribution to regenerative agriculture.

What verification do the carbon credits undergo?
Klim's carbon credits undergo verification to ensure their integrity and impact. They are audited by third-party organizations, including TÜV Rheinland, in accordance with the DIN ISO 14064.2 standard.

Do electric vehicles also require emission compensation?
Yes, even electric vehicles leave a carbon footprint, primarily due to the sources of electricity used for charging. Offsetting these emissions helps further reduce your overall environmental impact.

Where can I find more information or assistance?
We're here to assist you! If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to E-Mail us directly!


Do you already have a car subscription? You can already start compensating!