About us

From carsharing to subscriptions - we provide viable alternatives to car ownership in both urban and rural landscapes.

MILES Mobility was founded in 2016 as a station-independent car and van sharing provider by Alexander Eitner and Florian Haus. The company is headquartered in Berlin and meanwhile active across Germany and Belgium with two different products: car- and van- sharing and subscription.

subscription in
a nutshell

Flexible duration.

Subscribe for as long as you need. Cancel anytime.

Fast delivery all over Germany.

No matter where you live – we deliver to your door.

No hidden costs, no down payment.

Registration, maintenance, insurance – included!

24/7 support.

We’re here to support you if something goes wrong.


We enable people to meet their individual mobility needs without having to purchase a car. In the long run, when mobility habits change and people sell their car or don’t buy one, we make urban areas safer, cleaner and more livable.

your lifestyle.
your car.